My latest table has me coming back for more.  Built from very thick pieces of tulip poplar (we're talking 3 1/2 inches thick) I looked to timber framed architecture for inspiration.  The heavy lumber allowed me to create a robust center pedestal with a table top that cantilevers over each side by 3 1/2 feet, and a sprawling foot running parallel on the floor.  

This parallelism between the foot and the cantilevered table top are what I find so captivating. To me it represents the sprawling prairie landscape we enjoy here in Minnesota.  Being able to see such a vast landscape from a single vantage point makes an introspective person feel small in the best of ways.  It's not unlike star gazing.  However the prairie has an understated way of existing that is not like star gazing.  To the average highway driver the prairie is a cursed land of boring straight roads, never ending corn fields and a horizon that can never be reached.  But to the native who has spent time not only in the prairie, but alsowith the prairie, a humble underlying beauty emerges.  A beauty that comes at intervals.  A sunrise and sunset.  Ravaging winds and tornadoes.  Never ending V's of geese.  And my favorite, rolling thunder clouds that can be seen far off in the west advancing with the wind.  They bring the rain that farmers rely on and dry muddy river basins thirst for.  This beauty is my home.  

Can that beauty be captured in a table?  No.  But it can inspire a table that can in turn inspire a thought.  That thought brings me home to dinner, to family, and to utter contentment.

Peace to you my friends.