A Working Man's Thoughts on Rest

A Sabbath Chair lingering on St. Germaine after the St. Cloud art crawl.

A Sabbath Chair lingering on St. Germaine after the St. Cloud art crawl.

This last week I finished up another Sabbath Chair.  This one was the first to be done in walnut with the camel webbing.  It's been many months since I've made a Sabbath Chair and it got me thinking about my original intent.  What had inspired this chair design several years ago, and where am I now in relation?

The original chair was meant to be a place of retreat.  Life at that time was dramatically changing.  New job, new city, no connections, and a brand new baby.  I couldn't take anymore and I needed a place to escape in my little apartment.  So i created a chair to turn a little corner in my bedroom into a retreat.  That chair is now know as the Sabbath Chair.

Today I have as much on my plate as I did back then.  Have I learned my lesson?  I often feel frantic.  The to do list grows with projects, maintenance, meetings, and figuring out what the next step is for the Kaihoi brand.  I only have so much time, just like everyone else.  It is a precious resource and I'm troubled by the consequences of my work consuming to much of that resource. 

Balance.  Focus.  Patience.  Rest.  As a budding entrepreneur with a growing brand these things feel as elusive as ever.  And as a father of 3 young boys they have never been more important. 

Our culture promotes busyness as a badge of honor.  I say no more.  My efforts to create a sanctuary in a chair and making that chair a part of the Kaihoi brand is my way of being held accountable to my own ideals.  I need to rest more, and so do you.  Lets talk about it.  What keeps you from taking a break?  Can you spend a whole day without your phone?  A whole day absolutely present with those you love the most?  Can you sit down with your family for suppers the majority of the week? 

We'll talk more about it.  But I think it's time for a break.

Grant Kaihoi