"I had wanted a unique dining table for my bed and breakfast and didn’t want to settle for just another table. I imagined it to be wooden to bring warmth into a stone floored room, live-edged to be perfectly imperfect, and particularly sized for a rather narrow room. After a visit to Grant Kaihoi’s workshop, I had no question about the designer and his skills – he is nothing short of authentic. I gave him license to create, and sooner than I expected he was delivering it. When I saw my table for the first time, I thought, 'Yes, there it is – the table I’ve been looking for.'"

- Debra Sorenson


In addition to crafting our own original Kaihoi pieces, we eagerly offer the opportunity for you to commission custom-designed work, whether it be simple alterations to one of our existing designs, or building your very own unique design from the ground up. The best part of the creation process is finally getting to share what we've made with our clientele – this act of sharing is even more exciting when the client has played a significant hand in inspiring the work. We listen well to your needs, and work hard to educate you about woodworking to help convey what features are possible. In doing so, expectations are set high. And they're met. 

If you are interested in commissioning a work of art or furniture piece, please fill out the Commission Request Form below or call Grant at (320) 733-4582.


Commission Request Form

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